1.1 Conducting in-depth survey of end-users and the institutional contexts (The survey for UkraineThe survey for MongoliaThe survey for Vietnam)
1.2 ToRs for the development of learning and institutional infrastructure
2.1 Development of COP (OSENU, KKNU, Mongolia), research frameworks, and transition plans, and model agreements (drafts)
2.2 Revision of passports of a PhD specialisation
2.3 Launching national INTENSE schools and the International INTENSE Network
2.4 Development of organisational and QA expertise at PCIs
2.5 Sharing of research facilities
3.1 Development of the INTENSE open education platform : User Guidelines for the INTENSE Open Education Platform
3.2 Development of eLearning modules and MOOCs
3.3 Development of eScience modules
3.4 Development of transferrable skills courses and learning materials
3.5 Training events
4.1 Monitoring of academic mobility and staff time allocation
4.2 Quality assurance and peer-review of project outcomes
4.3 Analysis of lessons learned from project QA
5.1 Launching and maintenance of the INTENSE web portal
5.2 Coordination of media-coverage and outreach, INTENSE Dissemination Strategy
5.3 Network, training and dissemination events
6.1 Development and signing of Consortium Agreement
6.2 Establishment and work of the Steering Committee; meetings of the GAP
6.3 Day-to-day management, communication, reporting to EACEA